Lusine mold cleaners reduce the amount of residue on the mold. By cleaning the molds and mold parts, it prevents the breaks on the produced parts. Sensitivity in metering facilitates the production of the elements required. It also helps to protect the mold and the mold elements.

1-LUSIN CLEAN L 11 - Mold Cleaner It is used to clean oil, grease and wax residue from metal or plastic parts. Lusin Clean L 11 does not require waiting after being applied thanks to the fast drying feature; It is sufficient to clean the surface with a clean cloth.

2-LUSIN CLEN L 21 - Mold Cleaner It is used to clean polymer and plastic residues, non-fusing resins, oils and grease which are not easily removed from the mold such as POM. Its application is like CLEAN L 11. However, a mold corrosion protection must be applied immediately after cleaning with a clean cloth.

3-LUSIN CEAN O 311 - Concentrated Cleaner It is used in the screws, cylinders and sprayer of the injection machine. It should be used by mixing with a raw material such as PE or PP.

4-LUSIN CLEAN G 320 - Granule Cleaner It is a ready-to-use product in granular form used for screw, cylinder and nozzle cleaning. All thermoplastics are used in applications up to 3200C. Manifold is also suitable for cleaning.